Spell-Check is Your Friend

Porcellian Terrain

I inherited this item and could not decide if it was awfully beautiful or just plain awful.  I  had no idea of its history or worth.  After about an hour searching I found a listing for one just like it.  The advertisement was entitled: ‘Porcellian Terrain’ and went on to describe the attributes of such a marvelous ‘terrain’.  This prompted me to write the following:

Beware The Porcellian Terrain

The Sergeant closed his spyglass and rode swiftly to the front of the column to inform the Captain.

“Captain, methinks I spy porcellian terrain ahead!”

“Damn! We be a day behind as it is.  The men best don their heaviest boots.”

The men slogged through the muck and mire for most of the day.  They were nearing exhaustion when suddenly a terrible outcry was heard from the back of the ranks.

“Dragon! There be a dragon!”

The men ran as fast as they were able but were no match for the dragon.

As the dragon descended he hissed, “Ye puny humansssssss……  Ye dare to trespassssssss through my tureen?  Ye morselssss shall make a tasssssty meal!”

Moral:  Do not go marching in the dragon’s tureen or you might become part of the soup.


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